Admissions and Enquiries

Admissions and New Enquiries in the RecallCampus System is an User Friendly and Easy to Use Process where the Student Information are Gathered and Stored Safely in Secured Databases.

Bulk SMS and Voice Calls

Bulk SMS can be used for Fees Overdues, Attendance, Homework, Examinations and Marks. Voice Calls Announcements to Students, Parents and Staff and for Voice Campaign Programs.

Students Fees and Concessions

Students Fee Structure Management for the Academic Year. Allocation of Class wise Fees. Collection of Fees with SMS Alert Notifications. Student Fees Concessions Approvals and Monitoring.

Examination and Attendance

Create Unlimited Class wise Examinations and Schedule. Generate Hall Tickets. Upload and Download Class wise Marks. Generate and Print Individual and Class wise Progress Reports.

Transportation and Hostel

Manage Vehicles and Routes. Manage Vehicle Trips and Fuel Consumption. Manage Vehicle Expenses and Profits. Manage Drivers and Students. Manage Transporation and Hostel Fees.

Accounts and Payroll

Manage Multiple General Ledger and Assets. Manage Accounts Receivables and Payables. Generate Daily Cash Book. Generate Financial Statements. Daily Receipts and Payments.

  • Our Prime Focus to Serve Education Sector

    We Primarily Focus to Serve Education Sectors like Schools, Institutions, Colleges and Universities by providing a World-Class Automation ERP Software for End to End Process which helps for Centralized Campus Management on Cloud Platform.

    We Provide Solutions to our Clients on Centalized Operational Platform and Supporting them in their Day to Day Activities in Managing Students, Staff, Parents and Administrations.

  • Providing Digital Edge for Campus Automation

    We have more than 20 Modules for Campus Management Activities starting from Admissions, Fees, Examinations, Bulk SMS, Voice Calls, Attendance, Time Table, Transportation, Library, Hostel, HR Recruitment, Payroll, Inventory and Accounting.

    We make the Interaction between Students, Staff and Parents completely Digitalized through our Communication Channels on a Secured Network Platform and provide Live Updates.

Mobile Apps

  • RecallCampus Admin, available in Play Store for Android Mobile Handsets for the System Administrators.
  • RecallCampus Parent, available in Play Store for Android Mobile Handsets for the System Parent and Students.
  • RecallCampus Staff, available in Play Store for Android Mobile Handsets for the Teachers and Staff.

What Else We Do?

We do Customized Software Development, Dynamic Mobile Apps, Domain Specific Product Development, Responsive Website Designs, Automation Testing, Cloud ERP Support, HR and Payroll Services to Government Sectors and Private Companies.

Responsive Websites

We develop responsive websites designed in HTML5 and CSS3 completely bootstraped targeting all systems and devices.

Lovable Mobile Apps

We utilize world class mobile framework for developing mobile apps for android platform and iOS devices network.

HR Payroll Service

We serve both government sectors and private companies for managing the human capital management and payroll processing.

Custom ERP Automation

We provide thro our ERP implementation expertise organize your enterprise resource planning and framework.

Business Automation

With our business expertise we automate your organizational business process which is adaptable, dynamic and flexible.

Testing Framework

Our automated testing framework helps your testing effort utilized on a right platform for maintainting 100% quality processes.

RecallCampus Mobile Apps

RecallCampus Admin for System Administrators. RecallCampus Parent for Students & Parents. RecallCampus Staff for Teachers & Staff.

RecallCampus Admin

System Admins

Mobile App for System Administrators to Monitor the Day to Day Campus Activities with the Quick View Dashboard & Live Updates on Daily Transactions.

RecallCampus Parent

Parents & Students

Mobile App for Parents & Students with the Quick View & Live Updates of Fees Payments Status, Daily and Monthly Attendance, Examination Marks and Daily Homework.

RecallCampus Staff

Staff & Teachers

Mobile App for Teachers & Staff with the Quick View & Live Updates of Class Students, Attendance, Examinations, Time Table, Homework and Payroll Status.

  • "RecallCampus from Reedom Techno Solutions has been used in our Schools in all the Departments and Operations like Administration, Admissions, Fees Collections, Transportation, Examinations, Library, HR & Payroll. Students, Accounts, Staff and Parents has been Communicated for Marks, Attendance and Fees Dues through Bulk SMS. I Highly Appreciate the Support from Reedom and Like the Product."

    Principal, Stanley Primary and High Schools, Warangal, Telangana.

  • "We started using this Product initially for Administration activities and then slowly involves Students, Staff and Parents through the Collaborative Online Interaction for Examination Schedules, Assignments, Dynamic Time Tables. I have my Centalized Dashboard to monitor all the activities and get the latest updated live information. I never hesitate to recommend this Product to any Educational Institution."

    Correspondent, St.Peters Matriculation High School, Karimnagar, Telangana.

  • "RecallCampus is a highly comprehensive and cost effective solution for the day to day campus operations of educational Institutions of any size. The software has been integreated with SMS and Voice Calls systems which is available 24x7 for sending Emergency Information, Instant Alerts and Push Notifications to Students and Staff. I strongly recommend to use the Software for managing our daily Activities."

    Principal, Global Junior College, Ramanthapur, Hyderabad. Telanagana.

  • "We use this system since last academic year and the system supports our Fees Collection Platform and Examination Process efficiently. The generation of Progress Report in the system is easy to use and simplify our work for every Formative & Summative Assessments. Using SMS & Calls for important notifications. Good Job. Good Product. The supporting for our emergency requirements also resolved quickly."

    Correspondent, Smart Degree & Engineering Colleges, Vijayawada. Andhra Pradesh.

  • "RecallCampus helps our Institution to manage Students, Teaching and Non Teaching Staff. Some of the Modules in the software like Broadcasting, SMS, Admissions, Time Table, Examination are integrated and can be used as a common platform. We efficiently manages Transportation & Hostel Operations. I appreciate the supporting team for understanding our requirements and do the customizations."

    Principal, Intelligent College of Arts & Science, Visakhapatnam. Andhra Pradesh.

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Why Choose Us?

For any Software Development Projects, there are three main constraints, viz., Scope of the Project, Budget for the Project and Schedule for the Project. We offer the solutions to our clients considering these triple constraints and gives a comprehensive, cost effective and customizable product on an Agile Scrum Model!

We adopt a Joint Application Development on Agile Platform to involve the Clients in each and every phase of deliveries.

Our Deliverables are in short duration of maximum 2-3 weeks and ensures 100% quality as per the dynamic requirements of the clients. Our design framework are adaptable, flexible and customizable so that the customers always gets the latest requirements in place where the requirements are not frozen but agile.

Our Approach

We Gather the Requirements from our Clients and Prepare an User Requirements Documents and Detail all the Requirements as per the Standard Process Template. Once the Document is ready, we do Peer Review with the Business Team to ensure the Requirements are having Complete Traceability and Submit to the Clients for Review and Approval.
Once the Requirements are Approved, our Design started the Analysis and Investigate the Best Design Framework for Web Based, Cloud Based and Mobile Based Platforms. We follow the Process Centric Framework and ensures our Design are Adaptable, Flexible and Interoperable so that all the Future Requirements are easily Implemented.
Once the High Level Design and the Detailed Level Designs are ready with the Complete Business Use Cases, Development team started working on the System Specifications and the Testing team to Prepare the Test Specifications. Coding and Programming Started and each Deliverables will be Unit Tested and Regression Tested to ensure 100% Quality.
Once the Project Completed meeting all the Test Metrics and Quality Metrics, Project will be handover to the Clients for User Acceptance Testing. Once done, Project will be rolled out for Training to all the Stakeholders and the Post Implementation Review will be done involving both the Project Teams on both sides meeting the Goals.

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